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    Adult Group Lessons

2020 Adult Group Lessons

Golf is a sport that is played for many reasons. But no matter why you play it, we all have a common desire to improve our skill level and increase our enjoyment. If you're dedicated to your golf game, you deserve coaching and support from a trained golf professional.

With a variety of group lesson programs, our coaches are dedicated to helping you get down the fairway, onto the green, and into the hole with fewer strokes and more enjoyment!

Want something a little more specific or personalized?

Private lessons are available through CarlyGolf.

Golf Lessons with COVID Precautions

  • All golf lessons will resume the first week of June
  • Class sizes will be reduced to ensure a maximum 6:1 ratio of student:coach (following the new provincial regulations)
  • If requested by a student, the coach will wear a face mask, and vice versa
  • Limited use of teaching aids and sharing of equipment
  • Hand sanitizer will be on-site for use by both students and coaches
  • Lesson dates and times are subject to change

COVID-19 has created new lesson opportunities!

Family lessons, couple lessons, and sibling lessons are being created so you can get out of the house and practice the game with those you already live with!

New junior programs are being developed that will offer a comprehensive learning curriculum with the ability to track progress! These lessons will focus on game-based learning with instruction provided by U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coaches. 

Carly Peister

Carly Peister

Head Teaching Professional

As an active member of the Canadian Golf Teachers Federation, Carly is a fully certified Teaching Professional with 8 years of teaching experience. Carly's teaching experience, enthusiasm, passion and golf expertise will help youreach a higher level of confidence, skill, and accuracy!

Jim Fisher

Jim Fisher

Golf Instructor

As a former Class A CPGA Golf Professional, Jim has over 25 years of teaching experience. Jim has a passion for golf and is always learning about the game. He has a friendly personality and a very strong desire to relate effectively to all demographics and golf levels.

 Signing up for Classes

  1. Decide which program you'd like to participate in based on the descriptions below (FLO 1, 2 or 3, Couples lessons, etc).
  2. Reserve your sessions online
  3. Payment is due in full either upon registration or on your first lesson date

If you have questions or trouble reserving your lessons, please contact Carly Peister

 "For Ladies Only" FLO Level 1 - Beginner - Swing Mechanics
Register Today!

FLO 1 is specifically designed for beginner lady golfers who want to learn the correct way to swing. All FLO 1 lessons will cover the basic fundamentals of your set up, grip, posture, swing mechanics, and, of course, your finish position! Register for multiple sessions to ensure you've got the hang of the swing before moving onto short game (FLO 2) or on-course lessons (FLO 3)!

Fee: $35.00 per session

Carly's professional recommendation: attend 3-6​ sessions

"For Ladies Only" FLO Level 2 - Beginner/Intermediate - Short Game
Register Today!

For ladies who have graduated from FLO 1, or intermediate players who want to improve their technique around the green with putting, chipping, and pitching. Practice drills and routines will be demonstrated. Learn the basic approach to hitting the ball closer to the hole in this non-intimidating environment.

Cost: $35.00 per session

Carly's professional recommendation: attend 2-4​ sessions

"For Ladies Only" FLO Level 3 - Intermediate/Advanced - Golf Course Management
Register Today!

For intermediate and advanced players who want to improve their thinking on the golf course. FLO 3 lessons will teach you new ways to strategize your shots. Things to be discussed will include club selection, how to choose a target, and simply put, how to think smarter on the course. The non-intimidating learning environment will evaluation your game from tee to green, with recommended practice routines being provided.

Cost: $46.00 per session

Carly's professional recommendation: attend 2-4​ sessions

Ladies Golf and Fitness Series - Register Today!

Being successful at golf is not just about scoring low, it's about having fun, maintaining flexibility and staying healthy!

This golf and fitness series will help you achieve all of the above! You will rotate through stations that focus on different skills associated with golf (40 minutes), followed by a 40-minute golf-focused fitness regime.

Fee: $45.00 per session

Starts Tuesday, September 15th at 5:40 pm - early registration is required.

Important Notes and Information Regarding Our Lessons: